Neonex Technology

Key Team Members

SUNIL GUPTA  - Chief Financial Officer | Chief Legal Officer

He is veteran industrialist based at Dubai and US who has also been running his outreach in different states of North India since last 2 decades. He has 25+ corporate experience in Accounting and Finance.



KARAMVIR SINGH RAJPAL -  Founder | Chief Executive Officer | Chief Innovation Officer | Chief Vision Officer

He is a M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering. He has several Intellectual Properties under his belt and has received several laurels for his innovative start-ups and inventions. His innovations and enterprises span a vast spectrum, ranging from edutech, telecommunications, IoT, safety, and therapeutics. He has also been serving as an Educator for more than a decade.


NEERAJ KUMAR KAPIL  - Chief Outreach Officer

He is MBA graduate from Europe. He is X-Culture qualified scholar in SCM and SAP program.


PARVEEN SINGLA  -  Chief Vision Officer (JauntBee)

He is Research Scholar, M.Phil and MBA in Marketing. He has over 4 years of academic experience and in management level at various universities in Punjab. He has participated in various recruitment and placement drive.

VANDANA  - Chief Academic Officer

She is Research Scholar, Educator having over 10 years of academia experience. She is currently pursuing Doctorate in Neural Network department.

SHIKHA RAO  - Chief Scientific Officer

She is Research Scholar, Educator in Electronics Department. She has been associated with prestigious institutes like DRDO, NITTTR. She has been instrumental in shaping Women Empowerment in terms of edtech and the highest degree of technical academia since she had joined with us.

AJAY  - Product Engineer & Chief Technical Officer (PLX)

He has been an enthusiast in the field of Electronics and System Engineering part. He carries significant knowledge and experience in Embedded System with over 3 Experience. Also, he is an integral part of the advising committee in Skill Development for our edutech brand SCODEL . He is also an integral part of S2FY.

Young Team Members


She is qualified Software Tester as well as Educator in Python. She also works in SCODEL for the same.



While in the Final Year of Graduation in Computer Science Engineering, she has proved her best abilities to work with us in showing immense potential in our startup culture.



While in the Final Year of Graduation in Computer Science Engineering, she has proved her best abilities to work with us in showing immense potential in our startup culture.



His enthusiasm and creative outlook keeps our goals to be seamless in carrying out the innovation we did.

Our Board of Advisors

VIVEK ATRAY  - Advisor

Vivek Atray is an Indian author, Former IT Director, TEDx speaker and ex- Indian Administrative Service officer. He is the author of two books, titled "Move on Bunny!" and "Dubey Ji Bounces Back" Having worked as an Indian civil servant for 25 years, he took voluntary retirement to pursue his passion for speaking and writing as a full-time profession. He is a motivational speaker too and he addressed via TEDx talks, namely "Being Indian in a Global Era","Life and its real goals" "The Ingredients to be an all rounder, "Living simple but superb life."


ARUN GROVER  - Marketing Advisor

He is seasoned corporate expert and MBA graduate in commerce department and currently heading Skill department at some key areas.


KUMAR SAURABH  - General Advisor

He is graduate in Marketing. He is analytical and visionary young champ in picking things easily. He carries sound awareness of the current startup ecosystem. 

PAWAN SHARMA  - Academics Advisor

Seasoned Educationist having outstanding achievements and experience of 20 Years in Geography & Economics


Other contributors

Team Spirit