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The Vision at T2OC (A Research Division of Neonex Technology), a portmanteau for "Think Tank of Computing" completely follows a path of R&D where one can craft their original thinking by always striving for the best in path-breaking innovations which can define a new paradigm in computing.Our copyright works are acknowledged and granted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) of India .  We also encourage the use of reverse engineering.



  • ASLBUD - Authored by Karamvir Singh Rajpal, M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering. The content covers the science and logic behind the great UI/UX. It covers the recommended findings and guidelines to create the best UI model. Also it is published in the format of International Journal.


  • KYCP - Authored by Karamvir Singh Rajpal, M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering.  A copyright which gives an abstract of the idea that will substantially change the way "Communication" takes place.


  • ESTEM - Authored by Karamvir Singh Rajpal and Deepak who are M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering.  It covers the recommended findings and guidelines to create and test app by making an interaction among the tester, developer and client more personalized and transparent. 


  • ZCFS - Authored by Karamvir Singh Rajpal who is M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering. A new storage paradigm for an upcoming revolutionary file system.


  • Peopleing - Authored by Karamvir Singh Rajpal who is M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering. It comprises innovative set of path-breaking technologies for an upcoming Instant Messaging and Social Media app.


  • Portocafe - Authored by Karamvir Singh Rajpal who is M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering & Ankit Prasad who is MCA under his academic belt.


  • NGEP - Next Generation Edutech Platform, filed jointly by Karamvir Singh Rajpal and Sandeep Singh Brar. Current status for approval is being awaited.


We mentor you to publish international research papers, journals and also in dissertation and thesis in the following portfolios

  • MBA
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering


Great reasons to join us

  • An edutech accelerator from Neonex Technology which has pure focus on creating journals, research papers, case studies.
  • Karamvir Singh Rajpal who has mentored for more than 10 literature works for M.Tech, MBA, Ph.D aspirants.
  • T2OC is based on PPP (i.e. Public Private Partnership) model.
  • Fast Paper publishing
  • Proof Reading content
  • Co-working and cafeteria kind of environment to do better research

X- Factor: Post the completion of the program, candidates collaborate with their mentor for plethora of research areas .


  • What is the difference between SCODEL and T2OC ?

With SCODEL one gets perfect platform to write interesting content driven books on key subjects Big Data, Cloud Computing, Entrepreneurship, System Programming and etc.

At T2OC one gets chance to publish their research content in international journals and also enable to compose original content which can be both copyrighted and patented. 

  • How does At The Tech form synergy with SCODEL and T2OC ?

At The Tech provides the updates to remain connected with the latest standards of techo space for enabling cohesive content for both SCODEL and T2OC.