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S2FY, one of the important wings from Neonex Technology Innovative Knits which rests on delivering the philosophy of aesthetic and pro values as our body of work speaks with high quotient on delivering excellence in all kinds of services based on the fundamentals of TEJW, PROWOH3Freshnus Care and Rhythmap

  • TEJW: Technological and IT-enabled solutions 
  • PROWO: Strategic Consultancy for Business and Management 
  • H3: Hospitality and Cleanliness Services for Industrial Plant & other B2B segment areas
  • Freshnus Care: Wellness and Beauty Services for B2C segment
  • Rhythmap: Music Production & Music Composition Services 

Though we are Volume Players and still we have inclined love for our loyal B2C user base.

As the pandemic of COVID 19 is dominating the fear, let’s keep away with one durable mask of Maxexcel prepared at the direct factory outlet of Innovative Knits.

S2FY has the proven concept of TEJW tailored with advanced practices and techniques and covers the scope of Industry 3.0 and Industry 4.0 projects and job work


ICT is one of the foundations of economic growth for achieving competitive advantage at national level. It can improve the quality of human life because it can be used as a media of learning and education, the media of mass communication in the promotion and campaigning of practical and important issues, such as health and social. The impact of ICT on society is inevitably constructive. The capacity of information communications technology (ICT) is to change society. It plays a key role by providing the necessary infrastructure to attain them. It also enhances the quality of human life as it can be used as a medium of learning and education, as a medium of mass communication in the promotion and advocacy of practical and essential topics, such as health and social.

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