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PortoCafe defines new cyber strength. A Game Changer, Bold & Beautiful System has arrived

PortoCafe, announced on World WiFi Day 20th June 2016, is one of our latest innovation in the world of cyber arena. It is all in one enterprise level solution for every kind of internet consumer. It is economically, technically perfect metric model to get started with at affordable cost.

Neonex Technology 's one of the finest innovated and affordable creations PortoCafe,  was officially announced on 20th June 2016 (World WiFi Day). The name PortoCafe is a portmanteau for "Portable Cyber Cafe". The PortoCafe is based on the backdrop of IoT & WiFi Fundamentals and  packs plethora of powerful features in state-of-art power packed grand solution.It packs our own app that is based on Linux and other open source technologies. 

Before you think, its normal like any other system just be sure, its more than a hotspot, i.e this is what you will be getting in a complete package of the PortoCafe

  • Credit card-sized server
  • Small box-sized router board  
  • CAT6 LAN Cable 
  • Many great controls @ your desk

Our Vision - Enjoy speeding and deploying the way you want !

"Your Time + Your Space + Your Savings + Your Freedom + Your Demand + Your Ways = PortoCafe"


  •         From software to security end, everything is customized for end user.
  •         It will afford a personalized and static website ready solution at the cyber café owner’s disposal.
  •         A dedicated Cloud storage service is an integral part of this innovative concept.
  •         Dedicated Cloud telephony solution

Applications of PortoCafe

  •     Hotels and Restaurants
  •     Universities and Colleges
  •     Hospital
  •     SOHOs
  •     SMEs and Enterprises
  •     Cyber Cafe
  •     Apartments & Society
  •     Government Organization
  •     Smart City Projects
  •     Stadium and Auditorium
  •     Automobiles connectivity