Neonex Technology

PLX aspires to provide complete data solution

PortoCafe PLX or simply PLX originally crafted by Neonex Technology. Later on it was jointly made by The Expert Community. This product is especially tailored to be used for edtech segment by keeping students in mind based on IoT backdrop who can able to afford the system in nominal price bracket. It is to allow user’s humble cell phone to run along with the PLX and much more, with one day it becomes wealth, and happiness assistant for every student in edtech space. The PLX product has already been beta-tested, yet they await launch in the mainstream market.

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The product PLX V1 encompasses diversified and defacto Desktop PC features 

  • Secondary Storage : 128 GB - 512 GB
  • Main Memory : 1 GB - 4 GB
  • Bundled Screen : 10 inch with 1080p
  • OS: Ubuntu Mate | Windows 10 | Kali


MRP has been kept normal under the bracket of INR 10,000




Media Coverage happened till yet

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