Neonex STEAM

PLX = True Replacement of Desktops, Laptops, Tablet PCs, and Smartphones

PLX : India's 1st Modular, Pocket Sized Computer which revolves around the X Factor of Open Source and SoC

PLX aspires to provide complete Desktop PC solution in Mobile Size & Modular PC factor

PortoCafe PLX is an extended experience on the Open Source Paradigm and IoT combo, or simply a PLX originally created by Neonex Technology. This aggregator platform is specifically designed for use in the edtech market, keeping in mind IoT-focused students who can afford the device within the nominal price bracket. This is to allow the humble cell phone of the user to run alongside the PLX and much more, with one day it becomes an assistant to wealth and happiness for any student in the ed-tech space. Since the beginning of 2018, the PLX has been under development and was announced on 13th November 2019 with final features that made it into the platform and eventually made an official release on 25th December 2019.

The key USP is its established Business Model for the Content Creators and already bundles some fantastic SCODEL and JauntBee material.

The Core Kit of PLX V1 encompasses diversified and defacto Desktop PC features and comes in the following variants :  

  • Secondary Storage : 64 GB (Core Edition) | 64 GB (Standard Edition) | 128 GB (Pro Edition) | 128 GB (Enterprise Edition) | 256 GB (Extreme Edition)
  • Main Memory: 1 GB  (Core Edition) | 2 GB  (Standard Edition) | 4 GB  (Pro Edition) | 8 GB  (Enterprise Edition) | 8 GB  (Extreme Edition)
  • OS:  Linux
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

All these editions are available in two looks Sporty and Ace.

Available at Da V Store for the direct purchase from the Digital Marketplace

HDMI Screen is included in PLX Core Edition and PLX Standard Edition.