Neonex Technology

MRAW : Manages your basic routine and work

MRAW app comprises essential utility and productivity features useful for every kind of user. It comes up with cleaner and neat interface.

  • Notes
  • Budget Planner
  • Scheduler
  • Password Generator


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Special Instructions to use an app

  • The current build available doesn't support registration process; we recommend using the app by direct Sign in with Google or Facebook.
  • Short and Interesting Stories’ section has been technically disabled for some reason, so we recommended not to use it.



The package includes MRAW app, Fuzzie Gauge Test Series of Study of Strategy Resources Planning and Management, Guest Management System with  features comprising 100 check-ins per month allowed, Email notifications.

MRAW Native Drive

MRAW Native Drive is meant for Smart Logistics cum Fleet Management, Work Automation & Management, Big Data Analysis and Huge Workflow processing.The system also includes PortoCafe PLX, MRAW app and Sponsored T-shirts.