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Each life is precious. Let' us make travel, work, and play safe.

Mission - Productivity and Safety goes hand in hand

Neonex Technology’s Karamvir Singh Rajpal initially came up with the first version of JauntBee. Created for not for profit cause. In the wake of recent crimes, the team has released the first market ready version free of cost. There would be soon being several more advanced version with new set of features.

JauntBee is created for every traveler and vulnerable individual by Neonex TechnologyJaunt means pleasure or short trip and Bee stands for diligent effort. We, the team, have been concerned about the lack of safety of kids, women, and elderly in India and hence in our spare time, without the motivation of making a single penny, created this app for a Better World. It could also be used to maneuver public places and workplace more effectively. We hope this will prevent rape, murder, and other crimes. We also hope this will become the top most app for tourists as well as for the corporate sectors. With help of our friends, such as you all , we want this app to become synonymous with safety not just in India but across the globe. Recently, its social implication was also better realized in the form of infotainment short movie released with a same name.

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