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Make everyday enjoyable and festive with aromatic network

It is rightly said by Bethenny Frankel : "Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”

  •        1st Open Source Vegan food tech platform.
  •        One can get started as low as INR 0 and enjoy upto 80% profit margin. (Happening soon)
  •        Aggregator model to catalyze business prospects.    (Happening soon)
  •        Ultimate choice for existing food business to look beyond their current happenings. (Happening soon)
  •        New disruptive ecosystem to explore the diversification and richness in connecting foodies, food maker, food seller. (Happening soon)
  •        Digital platform to connect all people who are some way or other connected with food culture and its staple business model.(Happening soon)
  •        Promotes and networks the best in class who loves to remain candid with great food culture. (Happening soon)
  •        Multi culture cuisine to bridge home maker, chef, confectionary, bakery shop and restaurant on one unified family platform. (Happening soon)
  •        We currently have a stock of our baked cakes, pastries, cookies and namkeen, home cooked food waiting to be well placed in your esteemed eateries.     (Live)



Live Mouth watering Cuisine is just one click away

We deal in the following food items and eatables.

  • Namkeen
  • Pastry
  • Cakes
  • Home Cooked food
  • Dhokla



*Order on demand ! For exact pricing contact us.