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We at Neonex Technology offers array of innovative skills mainly centric towards Industry 4.0 at the foundation level. We have been quite successful in taking our 6 year journey with remarkable milestones and innovations. We have been in news of our recently launched Pocket Sized Portable Computer named PortoCafe PLX and an app JauntBee on which Short film was made which saw the light in 2018 at Cinema Halls. SCODEL was in news last year for being presented at Regional Incubator of SVIET, DBU, CGC, GCET, IIT Kharagpur, Chandigarh University, Thapar University, Panjab University, UIET and many more. Our potential lies in the lethal combo of Right use of Technology and Seasoned Team for better enabling of our set goals and objectives.


Read something interesting we have developed something remarkable in our product development cycle for trying to end the cycle of COVID 19

Now hear something motivating our founder and CEO has to say to fight bravely against COVID 19

We understand the pain of labor and every single citizen especially in the testing times of pandemic COVID 19, so we recommend getting the free app JauntBee now for ensuring better safety and security or know the value in 11 minutes from the Short Movie

Key Facts

  • The company based in Mohali, formerly a part of Mastiska Technology Private Limited, now operating in Partnership Firm - GIVES and support by other associated firms Innovative Group and Krazy Gang.

  • We aim to flourish the concept of Smart City, Global Village by driving the philosophy of emerging multi facet, multi dimensional and trend setter startup with having products and platforms  like SCODEL, At The TechPortoCafe PLX, S2FY, JauntBee, MRAW as our key areas are vested in Product Innovation and Research Development in Edtech, Cleantech, Deeptech, Consultancy and Mentoring in Intellectual Properties 
  • Its is also officially registered with the Ministry of MSME of the Government of India. 
  • Our start-up culture is cool and vibrant where creatively charged team of dynamic potential works for the best and hence we are real problem solver.
  • We are a team of seasoned players who are equipped with proven skills in their forte and schematic approach.  Hence a philosophy of delivering the best strives in our dedication and determination in our worldwide served client list.
  • We have recently started our Hi-Tech advanced Research cum Industry Facility Center at SCO 272, Sector 32D, Chandigarh.

It’s just a starting; the Startup Company hopes to achieve much more outstanding robustness in coming times ahead. Our key philosophy rests in continuing path breaking research, providing training of new technologies and making great products.

To explore about us in depth, start exploring our milestones we have made since our inception. 

NGEP : Our copyrighted edtech framework powering both At The Tech and SCODEL

Our disruptive edtech platforms of NGEP


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Officially recognized at prestigious platforms

  • Franchise India
  • F6S
  • eSpark Viridian Ventures
  • AngelList
  • Startup India Rocks 2016
  • DD National
  • MyFM 94.3
  • The Indus Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneur India

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